Gamesharkz Madden 20 Circuit - Pittsburgh Regionals

Madden 20 / Xbox One

Start Date
12:00pm EST
December 1st, 2019
Event Location
Looking For Group
924 Brookline Blvd.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
Entry Fee: $10.00
Registration Opens:
July 9th at 12:00am EST

Registration Closes:
December 2nd at 12:00am EST
Competition Type
Individual Event
Competitor Count
64 player bracket
1. Qualify for $1000 Guaranteed Sharkz' Tournament
2. Official Gamesharkz Swag Bag
3. Receive a Monthly Subscription to With Exclusive Access to Every Pro Scheme
4. Receive an ebook of choice from


All ages can compete

Players can bring their controllers


ENTRY is $10 with one optional $10 buyback

The circuit consists of 8 cities, included as a city qualifier:


Philadelphia (Aug 10)

Harrisburg (Aug 11)

Vineland NJ (Aug 24)

Austin (Aug 25)

Baltimore (Aug 31)

New York City (Sept 1)

Annapolis (Sept 29)

Pittsburgh (Dec 1)


City Qualifiers

Win one of the city qualifiers > receive Gamesharkz Swag Bag, a subscription with exclusive access to every pro scheme, an ebook of your choice from and a spot in the online finals where you can win $1000.

Win 3 games online in the SHARKZ tournament against the other city winners > receive $1000 guaranteed


SHARKZ Tournament - Online Finals Schedule

December 4


Round 1 - 9 PM eastern

Round 2 - 10:00 PM eastern

Championship - 11 PM eastern


Online finals are single elimination and follow the same rules as the city qualifiers

There is no optional buyback for online finals

All games must be streamed by the home team on the bracket and featured on



You have 5 minutes to do your audibles.

If you are not at your announced game station within 10 minutes of announced starting time, you will be forfeited. No exceptions.

All settings are default, except:

Quarter length: 5 minutes

Play Clock: 40 seconds

Skill Level: All- Madden

Weather: Clear

Injuries: 0

Fatigue: 50

Accelerated Clock: OFF

Game Speed: Normal

Game style: Competitive

Event Type: Quick Presentation

No custom playbooks.

Onside kicks are allowed.

Excessive Offsides: Neither the offense or defense should purposefully go offsides with the intent of delaying the game nor exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct. Intent is at the sole discretion of the tournament administration.

You can use the same team as your opponent.

No Pro bowl teams.

No refunds.

There is no mercy rule. You may forfeit at any time.

No modified equipment.

No collusion in any form.

All decisions by gamesharkz staff our final and non-negotiable.

If there is a disconnect or any gameplay issues, immediately pause the game and speak with gamesharkz staff. If you proceed without pausing, gamesharkz staff will not be able to revisit the issue.

No abusive behavior.

You will be held responsible to replace any equipment provided that you purposely damaged.

Absolutely no weapons.


Tournament Chat
You need to register for this tournament to view the chat.